Culture and Shopping Ramble
in the Ladies' Paradise

Le Bon Marché - Le Printemps - Galeries Lafayette

The Eighth Wonder of the World, this is what an Amercian journalist called the Bon Marché Department store in 1870. Just like living museums, the Bon Marché, the Printemps and the Galeries Lafayette still today mirror the French: way of living, style and knowhow. During our tour 

  • you will learn to appreciate their fascinating history, their alluring and enduring appeal, as well as the
  • essential details of their remarkable architecture dating back to their creation with


o Belle Epoque

o Art Nouveau (Tiffany) 

o Art Deco style elements

  • You will also understand what an important role these stores played in the emancipation of women and
  • the role played by their owners as patrons of contemporary art which is still active to this day.
  • One of the highlights of our tour: the visit of a Parisian "wine cellar" bearing a number of extraordinary wines and liquors, true treasures of French wine making and distillery.

3-hour tour (all three stores, including a bus ride) or 2-hour tour (the two neighboring stores on Boulevard Haussmann, on foot)