Paris, a Green City by 2050

Paris Parks and Urbanism in Action

The first Paris city parks date back to the mid 1800 and most of them look almost the same still today. This Ramble takes us from the once private garden of a 18th c. princely Folly, today we would call it a weekend home, at the time located outside of the city limits, to a modern 21th c. park. This Park, named after Martin Luther King, shows us how the City of Paris embraces the multiple challenges and difficulties arising when planning the green city of nearly 12 Million – the Greater Paris. At the end of the journey we will cast a glance at one of the latest Renzo Piano buildings, the new Paris Courthouse – the biggest in Europe. During the walk we will look at a variety of buildings, all reflecting the many architectural styles in fashion towards the end of the 19th c.: Neo-Gothic style, Neo-Renaissance style, Eclecticism...

This ramble can easily be adapted to equally please children and adults!

1.5 to 2-hour tour