Hemingway's Paris

"We'll always have Paris..."

Paris of the Roaring Twenties was the place to be: it is the link between Picasso, Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby, Hemingway and many more artists from all over the world.

During this visit, led by Hemingway's words, we will immerse ourselves into the fascinating time after World War I, without ever being totally disconnected from today's Paris and the other great historical eras of the city.  We will also discover how some of the major modern artists communicated with each other and who was connecting them.

Starting out on the Left Bank, in Hemingway's Café La Closerie des Lilas, we will walk and ride through the Latin Quarter, up to the Seine, cross over to the Right Bank and finish our journey in the Luxembourg Garden. If you wish and the weather and time allow it, the ramble can include a picnic à la Hemingway on the riverbanks.

2-hour visit on foot and public bus