A Revolutionary Building for 

Revolutionary Arts

Paris, the Birth Place of Modern Art

The history of twentieth century art has been very rich with ruptures in tradition. The reasons behind these milestones help us understand the evolution from figurative to abstract and to a new realism. The Modern Art Collection at the Pompidou Center invites us to follow the chronological thread of the major artistic movements: from the Fauves and the Cubists to Abstract, to Neo Realism and Pop Art. The artists represented are Matisse, Picasso, Braque, Kandinsky, Klee, the Delaunays, Chagall, Mondrian, Duchamp, Giacometti, Dali, Cesar, Niki de Saint-Phalle... just to mention a few. 

The building is also a break from tradition, in that the architects invented a new concept: a cultural center and museum open in all senses of the term to the city and to all. While moving up the glass-encased escalators and from the galleries we have spectacular views of the city, and see places where a great number of the exhibited works of art have been created by artists from all of the Western world.

1.5 to 2-hour visit